“Science is the basis of all progress that lightens the burden of life and decreases suffering”

- Marie Curie

Treatment with INDIBA® activ accelerates the natural mechanisms of tissue repair so that, in a safe and secure way, the patient recovers as soon as possible.

INDIBA® activ‘s treatment for rehabilitation focuses on accelerating the natural mechanisms of tissue repair so that in a safe and secure way, the patient recovers earlier.

It’s essential to start treatment as soon as possible in any traumatic process. This technology allows the patient to be treated from the earliest stages of the rehabilitation process without adverse effects.

  • Reduces pain
  • Facilitates mobilization
  • Regenerates tissues
  • Accelerates healing.

Sports physiotherapy has traditionally been one of the benchmarks of INDIBA® activ. The speed of the results and the possibility of treating acute and chronic pathology is one of the essential factors to guarantee the rapid recovery of the tissue avoiding relapses.

Injury prevention: To optimize sports performance it is essential to maintain proper hydration and vascularization of the tissue. Treatment with INDIBA® activates optimizes physical capabilities by integrating movement and sportsmanship during treatment.

The INDIBA® active treatment in this environment will lead to an improvement in sports performance without interrupting the athlete’s physical activity. Experience in professional sport has taught us to integrate manual therapy simultaneously for greater effectiveness.


What is INDIBA® ACTIV treatment?

INDIBA® ACTIV offers a state-of-the-art treatment. This pioneering technology acts naturally and accelerates the patient’s body rehabilitation times in physiotherapy treatments.

Together with manual therapy and the addition of cell biostimulation, INDIBA® ACTIV reduces pain from the first session and accelerates the natural healing process. The versatility of this technology allows its application in a variety of preparation and sports recovery treatments, for the recovery of the pelvic floor or post-traumatological surgery, among others.

The INDIBA® ACTIV treatment works at the lower end of the high-frequency spectrum. The basic mechanism of action of the 448KhZ proionic system stimulates stable cell regeneration without heat effect. The thermal effect of INDIBA® increases vascularization and oxygenation of body tissues.


This means that metabolic stimulation is due to the electrolytic movement generated by the passage of the current, which in no case destroys the tissue. Therefore, the usual contraindications associated with high frequency are not present in INDIBA® ACTIV therapy. This technique has been scientifically proven and patented and is essential to minimize the rehabilitation of athletes, improve their performance, prevent injuries and shorten treatment time. That said, it is a non-invasive treatment that allows the recovery of the physiological functions of the cells.

INDIBA® ACTIV biostimulates, vascularizes and hyperactivates the biological tissue. In addition, it increases intra and extracellular exchanges and achieves real tissue regeneration. Due to this characteristic, the metabolism and oxygen demand of the cells increase.

Increased microcirculation complements biological stimulation and provides tissues with the necessary elements to regenerate. On the other hand, capillary vasodilation nourishes and oxygenates the tissue, improving venous and lymphatic reabsorption, while hyperthermia rapidly increases cellular metabolism and restructures the tissue to combat fibrosis. Tissue is reorganized even in chronic cases where fibrosis has existed for some time, for example, sequelae.

INDIBA® ACTIV complements the manual work of the physiotherapist

The electrical transfer of the system, together with the manual work of the physiotherapist, selectively stimulates the internal tissue, enhancing the effect of the technology of the INDIBA® ACTIV devices. The treatment increases the metabolic activity of the tissue, optimizes its natural recovery capacity and initiates repair and anti-inflammatory processes in the areas to be treated. The combination of the INDIBA® ACTIV system with the resistive mode allows the tissue to be stimulated selectively, through the therapist’s manual mechanical force and the patient’s active contraction.

In this way, due to the conductivity of the tissue itself, its density increases and, consequently, its natural resistance to the passage of the current, increasing the effect of both techniques.



  • Bursitis
  • Capsulitis
  • Tendinopathy
  • Low back pain
  • Cervicalgia
  • Fracture
  • Contusion
  • Inflammation
  • Chondromalacia
  • Direct trauma
  • Trauma indirecto
  • Indirect trauma
  • Muscle discharge
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Preparation for the competition
  • Recurrent injury

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