``There is no drug in use or under development, which holds many promises of health as a physical activity program supported``

- Walter M. BORTZ, MD

Since 2013, Fisiològic is the Specialized The Running Clinic (Spanish subsidiary of The Running Clinic, Quebec, Canada) in the city of Barcelona. Trained as specialists in prevention and treatment of injuries footrace by Blaise Dubois, we apply the latest knowledge in the way we work, both in treatment and rehabilitation after injury. Through The Running Clinic, we received a monthly review with the most important literature published in the running environment, allowing us to work with maximum scientific evidence in our daily lives.

Analysis and strategies to improve running technique, exercises flexibility and specific toning, control and monitoring of progression in training after injury, supervision in the transition to minimalist shoes… aspects that add to the classic techniques of physiotherapy in our treatments for a more comprehensive care to the runners.


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