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The Global Postural Reeducation (RPG) is a method created more than 25 years ago by the French Philippe Souchard, treats the body as a whole evaluating and analyzing the symptoms and seeking the primary cause that is causing, in order to be able to approach and and treat and dispose of, restoring harmony to our body.

With the RPG working smoothly, active, progressive and individual, being a method that can be applied at any age, always respecting the possibilities of each person.

The RPG follows three basic principles:

  • Individuality: Each person is different.
  • Causality: We must define what causes that can cause us a certain alteration.
  • Globality: The muscle works through so-called muscle chains. It is necessary to work on remote areas causing an imbalance.

Objectives of the Global Postural Reeducation:

  • Relieve pain or symptoms lasting.
  • Avoid offsets.
  • Correct deformities.
  • Restore harmony and well-being of each individual.

For what is the Global Postural Reeducation?

  • Reeducation posture and increased body elasticity.
  • Recovery of joint problems.
  • Prevention in the workplace, sports, postural …
  • Treatment of:
    • Deformities of the spine (scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, corrections …).
    • Limb deformities (misshapen shoulders, genu varus, genu valgus, flat feet, foot arches …).
    • Painful disease of the spine (cervical pain, back pain, lumbago, sciatica, disc protrusions, herniated discs …)
    • Joint disease: osteoarthritis, tendonitis, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff pathologies, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis …)
    • Mechanical cause neurological symptoms (tingling and numbness of extremities, headache, migraine, dizziness …).
    • Respiratory disorders.
    • Sequelae of trauma (fractures, dislocations, sprains ,,,)