In our center we base our action in manual therapies: massage, stretching, mobilization, therapeutic exercise ...


Manual therapy based on body treatment from a global point of view but without losing sight of the specific problem that can present each patient.


Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine that involves inserting thin needles into specific points of the body.


Science and art that studies and treats the health, dysfunction and disease from the patient the nature and elements of nature.

Since 2013 Fisiològic is the Specialized Clinic of The Running Clinic (Spanish subsidiary of The Running Clinic, Quebec, Canada) in the city of Barcelona.

Trained as specialists in prevention and treatment of injuries footrace by Blaise Dubois, we apply the latest knowledge in the way we work, both in treatment and rehabilitation after injury.




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@Fisiologic Ja hem passat pel mecànic, que ens ha deixat les cames a punt per a la @MaratonSevilla de la setmana qu…

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Contento hoy de poder rodar más de 15 Km después de más de 4 meses de la fisura fémur. Totalmente fuera de forma pe…

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Los estiramientos estáticos antes de la competición disminuyen el rendimiento y aumentan el riesgo de lesión. Sólo…




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